Animal Rights & Welfare Statement

Dawson Creek Exhibition Association

Code of Conduct

1.1 All DCEA Participants will:

  1. Consistently demonstrate the spirit of sportsmanship, sport leadership and ethical conduct in the best interest of the safety of all participants and animals, and the integrity of the sport of competing and the DCEA Exhibition;
  2. Ensure their participation, and the participation of any and all individuals associated with their Exhibit, in the DCEA is conducted in accordance with the DCEA Rules and Regulations and the Code of Conduct;
  3. Promote a safe sporting environment by avoiding any behaviors on the Exhibition grounds  before, during and after the Competition – that compromises the safety of other competitors or animals
  4. Ensure responsible care in the handling, treatment and transportation of their Animals as well as Animals placed in their care for any purpose;
  5. Provide for the continuous well-being of animals by encouraging routine inspection and consultation with health care professionals and competition officials to achieve the highest possible standards of nutrition, health, comfort, sanitation and safety as a matter of standard operating procedure;
  6. Treat all other participants with respect and dignity, and avoid any actions that might threaten or intimidate any person or organization involved in the Exhibition, including spectators, sponsors, other Exhibitors, Judges, Officials, Staff and Volunteers;
  7. Exhibit standards of professional behavior which will maintain public confidence and trust in the integrity of the DCEA, the sport of competing;
  8. Refrain from publicly criticizing the manner in which the Judges, Exhibition or Exhibition Officials perform their duties or resolve any dispute or disciplinary matter resulting from a breach of the DCEA Rules and Regulations and or Code of Conduct;
  9. Cooperate in the enforcement of the Rules and Regulations and Code of Conduct, and agree to accept the authority and decisions of the Judges, Exhibition Safety Commission and Exhibition Officials;

1.2  Exhibitors shall be subject to sanctions by the DCEA Exhibition Safety Commission if they are found to have breached the Code of Conduct.

I have read the Rules and Regulations and the Code of Conduct for the Dawson Creek Exhibition Association and agree to the Terms and Conditions by signing below:

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Date: _________________________________________________________________

Position Statement on Animal Rights & Animal Welfare

The Dawson Creek Exhibition Association produces and manages the Annual Dawson Creek Exhibition and Stampede in the City of Dawson Creek. Our volunteer driven event is a celebration of our Country Heritage and Western Tradition and has become one of the largest community based events in Northern B.C.

The Dawson Creek Exhibition Association supports responsible and humane use of animals and believes that all animals utilized in entertainment, industry and sport should be afforded proper care, treatment and management. We also believe that all rodeo events, and rodeo animal welfare practices in sanctioned and approved Pro Rodeo’s, Chuckwagon’s and Agriculture Fair events should be observed and viewed only on an animal by animal basis, not by the event(s) animals are in.

The Dawson Creek Exhibition Association does not support animal rights philosophies that call for the end of all use and interaction with animals. Animal rights in its purest form, focuses on whether humans have the right to view and use animals as partners or resources.

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