Rules & Regulations

The theme for the fair ….”Agriculture is more than just Cows & Plows”


Keep your eyes open SPRING 2024 for the 2024 Prizebook


All exhibitors must purchase a $3.00 membership to the Dawson Creek Exhibition Association

Exception to Rule #1: 4-H exhibitors and Junior exhibitors unless entering Adult Classes

All prize money must be picked up from the Fair office by 8:00 PM on Sunday

NO PRIZE MONEY will be mailed out

All exhibits must stay on display until 5:00 pm on Sunday

In the absence of competition in any class or if entries exhibited are of inferior quality, the Judges will award only such prizes as they deem the exhibit merits.

All entries except Livestock must be the creation, or the product of the effort and work of the exhibitor, and must have been completed within the previous 12 months, unless otherwise stated.

Should any question arise not provided for in the Rules & Regulations, the decision of the Board of Directors is final.

Protests must be made in writing stating the grounds for the protest and accompanied by a deposit of $50.00, which will not be refunded if the protest is deemed frivolous by the Protest Committee. No protest should be entertained regarding the merit of an animal or an article exhibited. The decision of the Judge or Judges on the point is final.

All exhibitors please take note of the RESPONSIBILITY CLAUSE when exhibiting entries in all Sections.